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All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3

All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3


I'm unsure of what's so great about me or what to say about myself but hello there. If you're looking for a decent read browse my links and if you're looking for someone to talk to, shoot me a message.


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 Preference #300

Dirty talk.

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Harry: “What are you wearing?” You giggle at Harry’s question, blushing a deep red. His raspy breathing on the other end lets you know of his seriousness, his arousal as he thinks of what you could possibly have on. You keep yourself composed as you’re about to head into a meeting, knowing you can’t let your desire from his words get to you. “Babe, I have a meeting in five. Rain check?” You sigh, looking at your watch. Harry’s voice is gruff, commanding of you. “No, go to the bathroom and remove your panties. When you give your presentation, think of how I’m going to punish you when you get home for cutting off our call. Let yourself drip down your leg and hope they don’t see. Don’t you dare touch yourself. I’ll be waiting for you when you get home.” He hangs up, your breath catching in your throat as you head to the restroom, already soaked through your panties at his words.

Louis: You’ve been talking since you got home, completely ranting about everything in your life until Louis’ words cut you off, his hands pulling your legs so that you’re lying back on the couch, his face leaning toward your most intimate area. “Lie back and shut up.” He demands as he leans over you, beginning to please you with his tongue, exploring every part of you, knowing how to get you there. Just as you’re at the brink he pauses, coming back up to kiss you. “You taste so good. Taste yourself.” He presses his lips to yours, your chest rising and falling before he crawls back down your body, making you tremble beneath him, legs clenching and quivering around his head as he pleases you, always coming back up to tell you how good you are and how he’s about to make you come…again.

Niall: “Take it all.” His hand gripped your hair, your mouth spreading further over his erection until your lips curved around his base. Your cheeks hollowed around him, his responding groan seeming to echo around the room, letting you know he wouldn’t last long in your mouth. Prepared to take him all, to swallow him completely you continued, his body restless under your skill. With his hands on your shoulders he pulled you away from him, panting as he held on. “Not in your mouth. Come here and ride me.” His fingers cupped your chin, pulling you up to him, legs at his side until his lips were right at your ear, whispering the word he knew would set you off. “Hard.”

Liam: His voice is a grumble in your ear, pressing into you harder, faster as he takes you with his words. “You like that?” His lips press to your skin, sucking harshly at your flesh. “Yes.” You sigh into the pillow that lies beneath you, barely able to form words other than the sound of the moans that spill past your lips. “I love how you feel. I love being inside you. You can have me any way you want babe.” It’s not his words but the sound of his voice when he speaks, low and groaning with his sentences that takes you there so much quicker with him, sending you to the edge.

Zayn: His way with words can always have your panties coated in wetness, a bob in your throat as you attempt to swallow and keep your attention on the people around you, even as his head rests on your shoulder, lips brushing against your ear with his words. “That wetness growing inside you, remember that I’m the one who made you that way and that I’m the only one who can give you that pleasure. Do you know why?” He smirks, a finger trailing up and down your thigh, a tantalizing feeling as it’s the only physical contact you’re able to have at the moment. You shake your head slowly, your breath hitching in the back of your throat with is answer. “Because you’re mine.” 

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