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All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3

All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3


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 Letters to You: Happy Birthday

Author’s Note: This is not for any girl or completely defined to one guy. Let your imaginations soar with this one. 

It was a simple note, instructions for me, but one that left me feeling more ready for him than ever, my want growing with each word that I read, with each second that passed as I prepared for his arrival.


It’s my birthday and I have asked for absolutely nothing. As many times as you’ve asked me what I’d like, I have been unable to tell you. That’s because I’ve been planning the gift for you to give me for myself, which you will present to me tonight.

Follow my instructions just as I have written them. Do not skip any because I will know. You’ve never been good at lying. Plus, good girls don’t lie and tonight you will be a good girl whether you like it or not. Take this letter with you while you complete your tasks. I need you to ready yourself for me. Do not speak to me when I get home. I only want you to do what I say, starting with this. Get completely naked….now.

Next, go into the closet. You will see a tan box. Slip into those for me baby girl. That’s all I want you in tonight. Take a look in the mirror at yourself. I hope that you’re wet. You’ll be dripping for me by the time I’m finished with you.

Back to your instructions. I’ll have worked up an appetite when I get home. Cook for me just as you are. Be careful not to burn your beautiful body. You know what I like.

Here comes the hard part for you. I’ll need you to memorize this because I won’t allow you to have the letter once I am home. Set the table for me and pull your chair out. I need to be able to see all of you while I have my meal. You’re my entertainment for the night. Mine.

When I walk through the door I want you sitting in your chair, legs spread on either side for me so that I can see you. Wait until I take a seat. Whether I am watching you or not, touch yourself just as I’ve ordered. Let yourself drip onto the hard wood of your seat. Let your fingers spread your lips apart for me. Lick your fingers before you dip them in. Keep your eyes on me. Now, let your fingers slide to where my cock is needed. Two fingers. Moan for me, call my name as though it’s me fucking you. Use your other hand to rub your sweet clit, bringing you closer to the edge. You may cum only once, your eyes on mine, every sound that curves over your full lips for me. Keep your legs open even as you climax. Ride the seat for me girl.

Do not lick your fingers. They are mine to taste. Then, my turn to make you tremble and quake.

Good girl. I’ll be seeing you soon. Happy birthday to me.

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