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All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3

All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3


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A Dirty Niall Imagine for Margaret:

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.” Niall repeated over and over. I pulled him through the door to my apartment, carrying all his weight on my shoulders. He stood, balancing himself on the door. “I still haven’t given you your present.” He slurred.

This was absolutely the worst birthday ever. I was supposed to be wasted, not Niall. He was supposed to be taking care of me. “I think you’ve done enough.” I spat, walking down the hall to his bedroom.

He stopped me just before I walked through the door, nearly taking both of us to the ground. “Wait Margaret, please. I’ve been planning this for weeks.” He said, his mouth already meeting my neck, kissing me sloppily in his drunken stupor.

“Fine.” I said, turning around and waiting for him. He stumbled a little as he lifted me from the ground, wrapping my legs around him. He regained his balance, sitting me at the end of the bed, while he backed up again. He clicked a button on the remote and a song started playing but I didn’t recognize the music.

I giggled a little as Niall started rolling his hips to the music, pulling his shirt over his head slowly. “Niall, what are you doing?” I laughed. He didn’t answer, continuing to unbuckle his belt, flinging it across the room. He let his pants drop to the floor and I couldn’t stifle my laughter as he looked at me, grinning in satisfaction.

His hard member stood at attention, a small red bow tied around it. “So, do you wanna unwrap your present now?” He asked, a small grin forming on his face as he walked over to the bed, kneeling in front of me.

Placing my fingers over the fabric carefully, I pulled he string, smiling in delight as the bow fell away from him. “You’re so unpredictable sometimes.” I said, running my hands down his torso and over is hard member.

“I know.” He replied. “You like it.” He bent down and pressed his lips to mine, smiling into our kiss. He trailed his hands up my shirt, lifting it over my head. He kissed every part of me, the scent of alcohol on my skin.

My back arched as he kissed me again, wanting the feeling of him inside me. He tasted like pure alcohol and kissed me roughly, grinding his hips down onto my naked body, refusing to let himself be inside me just yet. “Niall, if you don’t hurry up and get in me this will become the worst gift ever.” I groaned.

He laughed heartily and positioned himself right at my entrance, testing his endurance before he slammed into me, sending me into moaning fits. My legs stiffened as he pounded into me, making me call out his name. He twitched inside me and groaned as he poured himself through my walls, pleasure cutting through me like a million knives.

He crashed beside me and I rolled so that I was lying on top of him, my head on his panting chest. “Can I have this for my birthday next year too?” I asked, my lips meeting his sweat covered chest.

He ran his hand through my hair, smiling down at me. “You’ll have birthday sex every year if it’s up to me.”

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