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All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3

All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3


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A Dirty Harry Imagine for Alice:

A feeling of relief came over me as I rose from the couch. Harry stood in the kitchen, leaning over a tray, chopping what was expected to be our dinner. I stood, walking over to him and wrapping my arms softly around his waist.

He turned suddenly, lifting me so that I was over his shoulder. I squealed as he ran to his bedroom, dropping me off at the center of the bed. “Now, when I come back I want you naked and ready for me.” He demanded, planting a short kiss on my lips before he walked from the room.

Just as confused as I ever was being in a relationship with Harry, I took my clothes off, tossing them into the laundry bin in the corner. I waited fifteen minutes for Harry, contemplating another nap since he was taking so long.

When he came back he carried a long tray in his hands, draped in a white cloth. He set the tray on the bedside table, sitting across from me. “What are you doing?” I asked, crossing my arms over my bare chest.

He hated when I tried to cover myself, moving my hands back down so that he had full view of me. “Come on Alice. I’m just trying to have a little fun. I promise it won’t hurt.” He replied, poking his lip out.

“Last time you were trying to have a little fun I ended up with welts all over me. I couldn’t sit down for a week.” I laughed it off even though Harry had spanked me way to hard that night to the point where I was forced to sleep on my stomach.

Reaching under the tray he pulled out a sleep mask, grinning as he draped it over my eyes. I was blind now, only guided by the sound of his voice. I could hear him moving around and suddenly his fingers were at my mouth. “Eat.” He commanded. I opened my mouth, a sweet taste filling me along with his long fingers. I started to chew but his mouth crashed with mine, his own tongue having a taste of the delicious fruit. A moan built at the back of my throat and I could tell Harry was pleased with his plan as he fed me more.

He stopped and I could hear him rustling under the cloth again, silent taking over as h made me wait for his next move. Something cold and hard his my lips, spreading water around my mouth, ice. “Suck.” He said. I did as he was told, the taste of water drowning out the fruit he’d just fed me.

Taking another piece in his free hand, he slipped the nearly melted cube in my mouth. Chills ran down my body as he slid the ice down my neck and over my nipples. They sprang to life, numbing from the coolness. Already sure of where his was taking this, I lifted my hips from the bed as he moved it down, running the cube along my slit, settling it to melt away over my clitoris.

“Harry, will you stop playing games?” I pleaded, reaching out my hands for him. He grabbed them, kissing each one of my fingers before placing them back by my sides.

I could hear him under the mysterious cloth of food again and his finger came to my mouth again. “From now on, no matter what I bring to your mouth I want you to suck.” He said, bringing a dirty grin to my face. I wrapped my mouth around his two fingers, the taste of chocolate filing me up as I sucked his fingers clean, whirling my tongue around them so that there wasn’t a drop left. “Alice, show me where you want me. He said, moving in for another kiss.

Lifting my hand back up, I pointed to my breasts. A warm liquid flung itself at me, spattering across each of my boobs. The sound of Harry’s laughed filled my ears and I could feel him drawing closer to me. His mouth pressed to my skin, sucking every bit of the sauce from me. I arched my back to him and he snaked his arms around me so that I was as close to him as possible, glad that he was pleasuring me.

“Where else?” He grumbled, licking his own lips clean. I moved my hand to my center, pressing it down firmly and feeling how soaked I was. Harry took my hand, licking my fingers once so he could taste me then flicked some of the chocolate over my crotch. I anticipated his mouth on me but he waited, happy to watch me squirm with want.

I sighed, reaching my hand down to touch myself but he slapped it away. His warm breath was right at me and I chuckled, amused at how bad I wanted him. Blindly, I reached for his head, gripping his hair in my hands and pushing his face to me. I felt his wet tongue against me, moving its way expertly around my folds. I wondered what I tasted like mixed with chocolate and was slightly jealous that Harry got to experience that. I bit my lip, fighting back my orgasm as he forced three fingers into me, sliding them back and forth in what seemed like on swift motion. “Let it go.” He groaned, sliding them back in as fast as he could, knowing I couldn’t hold on any longer. Exasperated, I laid limply on the bed, continuously moaning his name as he wouldn’t stop fingering me.

Hearing him lick his fingers clean disappointed me. I wanted to do that part. I huffed and he laughed, pulling the blindfold from my face. “Sorry babe, did you want to taste yourself?” He asked. I nodded and he leaned to me, pushing his tongue past my teeth so that the taste of him, my juices, and chocolate all filled my mouth. It was the best taste in the world. 

I swear, I never realize how much of a nasty mind I have until I start writing.

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