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All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3

All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3


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A Dirty Zayn Imagine for A Special Follower (Hope you like it and it’s long enough. I’m a dirty little writer!):

 “Promise you’ll never hurt me.” I said quietly as Zayn and I laid on the couch. We’d been in this same position for almost two hours, not even paying attention to the movie that was playing on TV. Both of his arms were wrapped around me and his breath was hot on my neck. There was nothing I wanted more than to be with him right now.

He kissed the side of my head. “I promise.” He replied, holding out his pinky for mine. After two years he knew me better then anyone and he knew that I held pinky promises to their own.

I rolled over so that I lying completely on top of him then. “Okay then, I’m ready.” I said, pressing my lips to his once.

He leaned away from me then, furrowing his brow. “Wait, you’re ready?” He asked, clearly shocked. We’d been so close before but I always managed to stop him just before things went to far. I just wanted to be sure that things were real between us. I guess it doesn’t get much more real then two years of love.

I started kissing him again, pushing my tongue past his teeth and into his mouth all while attempting to lift my shirt over my head. He started laughing and I pulled away from him, a confused look on my face. “No, I want to believe me. There’s just not enough room for me to do all I want to do to you on this couch. How about we move this to the bedroom?” He grinned, a seductive look in his eyes.

He didn’t wait for me to answer though, sitting up and lifting me from the couch. I instantly wrapped my legs around his waist, kissing him long and hard. He walked blindly to his room, falling to the bed and on top of me. He didn’t waste any time after that, sitting up and pulling off all his clothes.

I couldn’t believe I’d managed to go a full two years without ever seeing his naked body. I’d seen nearly every part of him except for his cock. It stuck out long and hard, a vein protruding down the side of it. I bit my lip automatically, both excited and scared of what it would feel like inside of me.

He came back to me then, stopping me from taking my shirt off. “No way, you’re not doing any work tonight.” He smiled, kissing my neck. A moan escaped my lips and chills worked their way down my spine as he moved down my body, sucking and kissing parts of me that I’d never before let a person touch.

When he’d worked his way down to my center, he let his fingers linger over my waist line, pulling my panties off slowly. He licked his lips at the sight of my pussy, kissing the top of it gently. I’d never felt the need to be pleasured so much in my life and begged for him. “Zayn please.” I sighed, moaning louder than I ever expected I would.

He licked me then, shoving his fingers roughly inside me until I was calling out his name for everyone to hear. I could tell I was already about to cum and so could he so he stopped, moving back up my body. I sighed, trying to keep my legs from shaking. “Tell me what you want.” He said huskily into my ear.

“Just do it already.” I sighed. My hips thrusted upward, pleading for him to be inside me. Suddenly I could feel his tip at my entrance and I began to relax, knowing that I was about to get what I wanted. My insides seemed to tighten again as he pushed inside me, filling me with every inch of him. I’d never felt such pain and pleasure at the same time in my life and reacted by screaming his name over and over until I was completely out of breath. He grunted with each thrust, gripping the headboard for support.

There was pleasure taking over every part of my body and I couldn’t control myself anymore as I came, digging my nails deeper into his back as my legs shook. I lay there limply but he wasn’t done, flipping me over on my stomach and pushing himself into me again. I was finally able to make noise again and moaned into the pillow, biting into it as hard as I could. I lifted my head and felt an impact on my left ass cheek. It stung but only made me scream louder and I began rocking my hips against his, listening to the sound of our skin slapping together.

He slowed down then but kept thrusting harder each time until it felt like I could feel him in my stomach. His moans got louder and I could fill his warm liquid inside me as I contracted around him, cumming once again.

My body gave out then and I couldn’t move, lying in my same spot on the bed. Zayn couldn’t either and nestled himself beside me, out of breath and panting. “So, I can’t wait to do that again.” He said, laughing.

I giggled, moving over a little so that our bodies were touching and I was able to plant a kiss under his chin. “Would you let me recover from this round?” I replied, tugging at his earlobe with my teeth and making him shiver.

After that we both fell asleep, consumed in our sweaty bodies and thoughts of each other.

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