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All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3

All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3


Lexi; I'm unsure of what's so great about me or what to say about myself but hello there. If you're looking for a decent read browse my links and if you're looking for someone to talk to, shoot me a message.


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Alrighty guys, I’m back home and requests are officially closed! Thank you for all your requests. I’m working now to update my list with all the final requests and things. <333

what age are you if you don't mind me asking?
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I’m 20. :)

Hey guys, I’m a total shithead since I always overestimate the free time that I’ll have on vacation. Between constantly playing with the kids during the day, meals, and going out at night I swear I’ve only had time for like a few hours of sleep every night. Hehe. So, as a gift and my apologies, I’m gonna keep requests open through my vacation and I’ll wait to close them when I get home. That way you all will have more time to come up with ideas and I’ll have more writing to give you all when I get home. I hope that’s okay. “/

With that being said, I’ll be updating my list during the random times that I get on while I’m here. Please check the list before requesting and check the preferences that I’ve already written. Also, keep requesting because I’m loving all the ideas and am looking forward to writing them. Love you all!


 Preference #461

You’re inexperienced.

Harry: “Well, this is new.” You admitted, feeling a blush creep to your cheeks. “What’s new?” Harry asked, furrowing his brow. You’d been walking for just a few minutes when he’d slipped his hand into yours, long fingers sinking between the creases of yours, encompassing nearly your entire hand. “Holding hands. I’ve never really done it with a guy.” You laughed, shaking your head at how inexperienced and child-like you sounded. Harry only smiled, giving your hand a small squeeze. “Get used to it babe.”

Louis: Louis rose a brow at you, at the way you always hesitate before you went in to kiss him, have sex, or anything for that matter, always wondering if you felt forced, or if you didn’t have the same feelings he did about you. As he brought this up, you couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed, shying away from the subject a little. “It’s just that I’ve only ever done anything with one other guy. I’m not as experienced as you so sometimes I wonder if I’m bad at it.” You confessed. Louis let it sink in for a minute before leaning across the space between you both, pressing his lips to different parts of your skin as he talked. “Believe me, you’re more than good at everything we’ve done.” He confessed himself, the little boost of confidence you needed to stop worrying about your inexperience.

Niall: You giggled a little as you leaned in farther, Niall’s hand reaching to cup your chin, easing you the rest of the way to him. His lips met yours, deliberately slowly, your noses bumping as you both went to turn your head. You let out a laugh, your teeth scraping as you realized you’d ruined your first kiss. “I’m sorry.” You shook your head, utterly embarrassed that it hadn’t been as perfect as you’d imagined. There were no fireworks showing in the background. Maybe there were butterflies in your stomach, but that could have also been hunger since you hadn’t eaten since breakfast. Niall only chuckled himself, leaning in for another peck. “I guess we’ll just have to keep practicing then.” He winked, coming back for another.

Liam: “I’m sorry, I’m new at this.” You yelled back at Liam, your first fight since you’d gotten together, a mere week after making things official. Your first argument had resulted in you crying and Liam near screaming at you, scolding for something you hadn’t known to do. At the sight of seeing you cry, Liam calmed down, kneeling in front of you, his thumbs wiping at your tears, making you look at him as he talked. “Listen, I’m sorry I yelled. I just need you to tell me things like that from now on. I was worried about you all night when I didn’t know where you were. You haven’t done this whole relationship thing before so I’m sorry, I’ll try to be more understanding. I’m your boyfriend now so I just need you to tell me if you’ll be gone. I can’t sit around thinking something’s happened to you.”

Zayn: “What’s wrong?” Zayn asked as he reached for the button of your jeans, feeling you tense a little beneath him. “I’m sorry. Is it too soon?” He asked, freezing himself and halting. You shook your head, pulling him back onto you, sharing a heated kiss. “No, it’s not that. I’m ready. I just thought you should know that I haven’t really done this before.” You blushed, your chest rising and falling, nervous but ready. Zayn could see the slight tinge of wariness in your eyes. “Don’t worry. I promise I’ll take care of you.”

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Beach vacation with Harry and your children in tow to a tropical island with lots of swimming
❤ Anonymous

Your daughter held onto Harry’s hand, your two year old son balanced on his hip as you walked down to the pool of the hotel, the sun beating down on your skin. The small island you were vacationing on held little people, thus little risk of exposure due to Harry’s fame, the perfect location for your family getaway. Harry immediately ran to the water with your daughter, leaving you and your son to sit relax under an umbrella, watching your husband in the water with her. First Harry dipped under to water, kicking for a moment before positioning himself in a handstand, your little girl clapping as soon as he’d resurfaced. “Teach me!” She yelled, squealing as she held onto her nose, taking a deep breath as she went under water, Harry holding onto her feet for a moment before pulling her back up, both of them delighting in each other. You each took turns with the kids, keeping them entertained in and out of the water, days filled with swimming contests that you let your daughter win and what could only be defined as, complete paradise.

Can you do a imagine where you go visit zayns family and you over hear his aunts talking about how pretty you are Basically one where your spending time with his FAM .!
❤ Anonymous

You stood in the kitchen, helping to load the dishwasher after dinner though the Malik family had insisted that you rest a little, having been helping out since you’d arrived. With the light music that had been playing in the background turned off, you could hear the conversation that carried on in the living room, Zayn in between his aunts as they gushed. “She’s such a sweetheart.” One of them exclaimed, your cheeks reddening slightly at her compliment. “And so gorgeous. You’ve got to bring her around more Zayn. I mean, the pictures just don’t do her justice at all.” Another voice sounded, another of his aunts you presumed. Zayn’s mom stood next to you, giggling a little when she noticed the blush that had taken over your face, both of you shaking your head just as Zayn crept behind you, whispering in your ear as his arms pulled around your waist. “They love you.”

Hi! I'm here to request an imagine. My name is Nicole. (i also go by Nikki) and I'd like an imagine where i'm best friends with Mikey and Luke likes me but Mikey tells me its not a good decision and he tells me he likes me too. (You can surprise me who I end with) thank you lovey xoxo.
❤ Anonymous

I’m so sorry babe. I should have put this as an added note since they’ve become so popular and are constantly growing, but I’m only doing writings as being related to One Direction. I’m solely a 1D blog and I’m actually planning to remain that way. Sorry to anyone who was looking for a 5SOS piece. <333

 Announcement, you may want to read if you’re looking for new writings.

Hey you guys! I know, I feel like it’s been a long time and I’ve noticed I’ve been losing followers as of late so I guess it’s time to make a bit of a move to pick things back up. Though some of you all may not agree with me doing this, I’m doing it anyway.

*drumroll please* I’m opening up my requests! 

So, here’s the plan and a little ranting. I’ve been super busy between work, getting ready for school and the big move, my sissy graduating, and also getting ready for this baby (not mine, my little brother) to be born. I’m going to attempt to get really back in the groove though and want some new things to think about and write. Hopefully, some new things will get a little flow going for the older things on my list. 

As you all know, I don’t usually keep requests open long as I tend to get a lot so if you’re looking to request something, be quick. I’ll be keeping them open through tomorrow night after I get off work and maybe longer depending on how many I get and I’ll be updating the list tomorrow night so look for your request to be listed then. As I’m going on vacation as of next week, the plan is to set up a little queue so that I’ll still have writings being posted on my blog for you all while I get in some much needed time for relaxation. By the way, I’m opening requests for preferences, imagines, and blurbs. Please label your requests with whichever category they fit into. Also, if requesting an imagine, please leave your name, your guy of preference, and a scenario if you had a particular one you wanted (if not it’s okay, I’ll be happy to come up with something for you). 

Okay now, get to requesting! I’m going to leave a link to my ask here for convenience.

Give ♥ this ♥ to the ♥ twelve♥ nicest ♥ people ♥ you ♥ know ♥ if ♥ you ♥ get ♥ five ♥ back ♥ you ♥ must ♥ be ♥ perfect ♥
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You’re awesome anon and I love you! ❤️ I only wish that you weren’t on anon so that maybe I could have sent it back to you.

 Preference #460

You meet in an embarrassing way.

Link to all preferences.

Harry: “This is insane.” You whispered to your friend, dirt covering the knees of your jeans and your hair a matted mess from moving through the bushes. “They’re probably not even in there.” Just as you spoke the words someone was exiting the house, more like a mansion. “Oh my gosh there he is.” You friend nearly squealed at the sight of Harry Styles, two of his other band mates following behind him, her excitement increasing by the second. “Is there someone over there?” Liam squinted, looking directly at the two of you, your friend taking off before they could call security, though you were a couple of paces behind her, tripping up before you could even leave the bushel. Instantly someone was at your side, Harry looking down at you with a laugh and a sympathetic smile. “Look, I’m not some crazed fan.” You tried to justify yourself though you’d been dragged into quite an embarrassing situation.

Louis: “Good morning Rachel!” Louis exclaimed, walking away too quickly for to to say anything. It’d been the same for the three days that he’d been staying at the hotel you worked at, passing the desk every morning with that greeting. “Oh yeah, I was wondering if I could get some more towels for the room?” He stepped back over to the desk. “Sure, someone will bring them up in just a bit.” You answered, thinking of what you’d been planning to say to him for the past couple of days, a little bit of humor in your tone. “By the way, you do know my name isn’t Rachel right?” You asked, Louis cocking his head to the side in thought, glancing down at your name tag. “I could have sworn.” He stammered. “Well, that’s pretty embarrassing since I’ve been calling you Rachel all week.” He sighed, a slight blush showing on his cheeks. “It’s nice to meet you then (Y/N).”

Niall: Niall had been a little nervous about talking to you, stepping up beside you as you picked up a few apricots, placing them into a bag and into your cart. “I love peaches.” He commented, making you giggle. “They’re actually apricots.” You admitted before looking around the grocery shop, squinting your eyes to read the signs. “I’m really sorry to bail because you seem nice and all but I’m in a bit of a hurry and I need to get some candles before I go.” You started to walk off, leaving Niall standing alone while you searched for the item. Niall, feeling the need to talk to you again, quickly asked where the candles were in the store, only to find out that they weren’t sold. With a quickly formed idea he ran outside to the strip of shops, discovering a small shop that sold a variety of candles, heading in and buying every scent he could as fast as he could. Without looking as he crossed the street, he was greeted with a scream and the screeching of breaks, your car hitting him so that he fell to the ground. You stepped out, walking over to him to find that he was okay other than the possible bruise he’d have in the morning, laughing as he clutched onto the bag of candles he’d managed to save in his fall. “You know you could have just asked for my number.”

Liam: You stood in line, clenching your thighs together while you peeked around the five women who were in front of you, the crowd already inside the bathroom seeming to take their time. You hadn’t seen anyone come out for a few minutes when you looked over to the men’s bathroom, peeking inside the empty room to find it empty. Looking around one more time you went inside, covering the seat before relieving yourself in one of the stalls. You cringed when you heard the door open, someone whistling as they came in. Why did guys pee so loudly again? You groaned when you looked over, realizing there wasn’t any toilet tissue there with you. You could always shake it off for the moment until you could get to another stall without being seen but that would have been gross and a little risky. Instead, you cleared your throat, putting on your deepest voice. “Hey man, could you get me some tissue?” You face palmed yourself for even asking, deciding that you should have just shook it off. “Sure.” The guy responded, handing you a roll before he left the room. You sighed with relief, only to be busted when you exited the restroom, the guy standing there with a furrowed brow and amused grin. “I got curious when I saw heels under the stall. I thought it was going to be some really gruff guy wearing heels.” He laughed before introducing himself as Liam.

Zayn: You stood in disbelief that he was actually talking to you out of everyone else in the room, long fingers tapping at your shoulder until you turned around, a too goofy smile on your face. “Hi.” You held out your hand, waiting for him to introduce himself, a look of slight discomfort on his face. “I’m really sorry to do this but I came over here to tell you that your skirt it kind of stuck in your underwear.” He leaned in so no one else would hear. Pausing for a moment to sulk in the sheer embarrassment you felt, you glanced over your shoulder, tugging the garment from your panties, the guy cringing at the shameful look you wore, feeling sorry for you. “Well, I guess that’s one way to get a guy to come over. Show him your ass before anything.” You tried shaking the situation off to lighten the mood, both of you laughing as he finally held out a hand. “Sorry about that. Zayn.” He introduced himself. “And at least it was a cute ass.” He winked, a small blush on your cheeks as you both joked about your embarrassing meet.

Okay so I used to like this guy and I only told 3 people and one of my friends that I told started dating him 4 days after she broke up with her boyfriend of 9 months. I actually thought this guy liked my though :(
❤ Anonymous

Hey darling, try not to be upset for too long. Your friend isn’t really a good one or a friend at all if she started dating the guy she knew that you seriously liked and was interested in. Remember, you don’t have to be friends with someone who you don’t want to be friends with. It’s that simple. As for your crush, cry over him for a day or a week if you need to because contrary to popular belief, it’s okay to cry over a guy who you feel betrayed or hurt by sometimes. Just don’t dwell on it for too long. Pick it back up because you’re still an amazing, hot tamale without him. :)

Hey! So your blog makes my life better almost every day. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, beautiful!
❤ Anonymous

You’re just wonderful. Thank you for all your compliments! <333

 Preference #459

Premature ejaculation embarrassment (His POV).

Link to all preferences.

Harry: I hadn’t even realized what had happened, completely caught up in the pleasure of it all, how good if felt to be with her. She lay beside me, her hands resting on her stomach, staring blankly at the wall though her forehead held a couple of lines, etched with though. “What’s wrong?” I asked, finally gaining my breath and rolling over to pull her closer. “Nothing.” She shook her head though I could tell that there was definitely something going on. “Come on babe. What is it?” I pestered, her face filling with regret as soon as she’d answered my question. “It’s just, it all happened so fast and I didn’t really get to finish.” She mumbled the last part so that it was hard to hear, realization dawning on me that I’d lost control and that I’d come all too quickly, an embarrassing blush creeping to my cheeks to match the way I felt about it.

Louis: I was overtaken with embarrassment as she got up without a word, heading to the shower. I sighed, scolding myself for having finished so fast. I had to work on building up my resistance and stamina for next time, and quickly. I rolled over, trying to think of some way to make it up to her. I could make dinner tomorrow, but then I would have to deal with that unsatisfied, disappointing look in her eyes all through tonight and tomorrow. As though a light bulb had gone off I stood from the bed, heading into the bathroom. The breeze from the doorway opening must have alerted her that I was there, hearing her shiver as she cut the shower off. “I was just about to get out so you can get in.” She called, pulling back the shower curtain. I stepped over, turning the water back on so that warm pellets fell onto the both of us, sinking to my knees in front of her without a word, only my tongue grazing her center so that at the least, we’d both have had some satisfaction.

Niall: I’d already messed up the last time when she’d asked what I was thinking about when I’d been thinking of playing, trying to concentrate on something other than how good she felt so that I wouldn’t finish too quickly. She hadn’t understood though so now I’d been focusing on her. Her mouth hung open as she moaned loudly, her hair fanned out around her. My eyes moved down to her boobs, one of her hands groping on while the other moved with each time I thrust my hips. I slowed down, looking up to try to keep myself from cumming so soon but she was already pulling me down, her mouth wrapping around mine. Completely still she started moving herself though I shook my head, able to feel myself reaching my climax, unable to hold on any longer. I shook my head, that embarrassment taking over until I opened my eyes, seeing her grinning up at me, satisfied that she had me so weak, her voice quiet, still recovering though she hadn’t peaked. “It’s okay. Believe me, that was still great.”

Liam: I was panting, my chest rising and falling quickly as I laid down beside her, watching her features begin to show slight disappointment as she realized how quickly that was over, so much buildup for what? I looked at the clock, realizing that it’d only been about ten minutes since we’d began. I wasn’t able to say anything, opening and closing my mouth to try to find the words to say, utterly embarrassed for having finished so quickly. “Now what?” She asked, seeming to be a little wary of bringing up the subject, of embarrassing me any farther by talking about it. I thought for a minute, trying to pull myself together. “Now, give me just a few minutes and we’ll go again.”

Zayn: “You’ve got to stop doing that?” I groaned, pausing for a moment before feeling her dig her fingertips into my sides, pulling me even closer, deeper. She only moaned in response, her teeth tugging at the skin right below my ear, doing precisely what she knew had me weak. I cursed under my breath, pulling out just as I felt myself releasing. Shaking my head I felt that feeling of embarrassment creeping over me. Glancing at the clock I noticed that we hadn’t even been going for ten minutes when I finished. “Dammit babe, I’m sorry. I told you to stop though. You know you can’t keep kissing me like that.” I explained, burrowing my head into the crevice of her neck until I felt her lips again on my shoulders, her fingers sliding between mine before she pulled them to her lips, taking two into her mouth. “Oh, but you’re no where near done with me Malik.”

Thanks for letting us know what's going on and what not, just seeing your writing no matter how long the wait puts a smile on all of our faces :)
❤ Anonymous

Thanks so much babe! You’re lovely and wonderful. :)

Hey guys, I know I’m not really posting any writing at the moment but my Internet is off so the only way I’ve been able to log onto Tumblr is on my phone which sucks, believe me I know. That and I’m working like a butt load the next couple of weeks (trying to save up for my first payment of rent).

That being said, I have been writing some in my spare time even though I’ve been unable to post. I’m going to try to get down to my grandmas house Thursday when I’m off so that I can have the chance and connection to post some stuff for you guys. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience but know that I’m still here to answer messages and things from my phone.