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All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3

All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3


I'm unsure of what's so great about me or what to say about myself but hello there. If you're looking for a decent read browse my links and if you're looking for someone to talk to, shoot me a message.


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do you believe what that brooke girl is saying?
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After getting several messages about her and her blog I looked into whoever the hell she is or whatever and no. I mean that’s basically all I can say because I refuse to rant about something that’s completely unimportant to me and that should be to everyone who’s concerned about it when either way, it doesn’t make a difference. How about we talk about something more important like real world issues or Zayn’s mouth, things that are actually relevant?


If you aren’t proud of Zayn using his fame and influence as a POC to express how he feels about a sensitive issue. Then you honestly need to rethink your whole attitude.

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I wish someone would randomly tell me little facts about myself. Not ones that I have already told them but ones they have picked up by themselves because they care enough to notice the little things I do.

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do you have a link to the video that those gifs of zayn singing (wearing glasses at what looks like a radio station) are from?
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Of course! Here it is! :)

 Preference #464

Cute wedding moment.

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Harry: You lifted your fork, turning to the crowd for a moment while you waited for Harry to grab the bite of wedding cake he would be feeding you. When you turned back, your fork held up, Harry took his bite, using his hand to mush the cake in your face at the same time. “Harry!” You squealed as people began to chuckled, icing and cake smeared across your cheek. With Harry laughing and completely blind to your actions, you took a piece from the slice, spreading it across his face, sucking the leftover icing from your finger after. Harry took the opportunity to bite at your cheek, licking at the icing before kissing your mouth, tasting the cake from your lips and giving everyone a quick laugh at the both of you.

Louis: “You do know you’re not supposed to give a speech at your own wedding Lou?” Niall shouted from the bottom of the stage, Louis laughing along with the crowd as he took the microphone, tapping at it a few times until he was sure it was on. “I know that but man, I keep telling her I love her. By her I mean Mrs. Louis Tomlinson of course. I keep telling her I love her but it’s not enough. I need to tell everyone. Everyone in the world needs to know how much I love this beautiful woman. I mean god.” He shook his head, looking down at you from the stage, his eyes red and face sweaty from a night of drinking and dancing. “I just wanna scream to the top of the world. I’m the luckiest man alive!” Sure he was a little drunk at your wedding but he was cute and professing his undying love for you in front of everyone, even as the boys moved to the stage, patting his back and getting him back down. Louis still spoke in the microphone to all of them. “I’m the luckiest man and none of you will ever be as lucky as me. I’m sorry to say that but you can’t be the luckiest man in the world when I’ve got that girl.”

Niall: You’d been on the other side of the room from Niall when the DJ announced your first dance, the familiar tune you’d picked out beginning. Niall smiled as you both walked to the middle of the dance floor. Instead of your usual back and forth slow drag, Niall took your hand in his, pulling the other up to rest on his shoulder, his at your hip. He moved almost expertly, leading the dance and spinning you around. “You practiced.” You commented, both of you moving easily around the floor together through the song, completely oblivious to the people admiring you, to those snapping shots of the couple until the song faded out, an upbeat tempo taking the place of the previous song, a smirk on Niall’s lips as he stepped back, a laugh erupting from your throat as he started to dance. “Now, let me show you what I’ve really been working on.”

Liam: It happened when you walked in. There were nearly two-hundred people attending your wedding, but when you walked in the room it seemed as though everyone faded from the picture. There was no priest, guests, or wedding party. There was only you and Liam, his eyes on you as you made your way to the alter. His mouth hung open and he shook his head, his eyes wide and brimming with tears as you approached him. Once you’d finally made your way to him he stepped down, reaching out to you. “Wow.” He leaned in, pressing his lips to yours once, making you giggle as he was completely lost for words. “Ahem, not quite time for that.” Someone cleared their throat, bringing you both from your little world where only you existed, the crowd erupting with small chuckles as you proceeded with the ceremony after a small moment that seemed to be just the two of you.

Zayn: “Sorry to interrupt but could I borrow my wife for just a few minutes.” Zayn took hold of your elbow, guiding you to the back door of the reception hall. “Zayn, where are we going? Everyone’s here for us.” You asked, turning around to see people watching as you exited the building, fresh air washing over your face as Zayn’s hand sank into yours, beginning a slow stroll through the garden at the back of the building. “I just wanted you to myself for a few minutes.” He admitted, bumping against your arm as you walked. “We got married.” You stated the fact, looking down at your hands and to the two rings that had been placed on your fourth finger. “We did.” He stopped, turning towards you, his hands moving to the back of your neck, tilting your head up so that you were looking at him. “No regrets?” He asked, leaning down a little before you answered. “No regrets.” You repeated as a reply, your lips pressing together in a private moment for the two of you to share.

1) You're absolutely stunning and I'm mega jealous of your lips okay. They're perfect. 2) You're an amazing writer and the only blog I check regularly. I adore your blog & you so much. Thanks for sharing your talent doll! (: xoxo
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Thank you so much! Like my mouth is one of the only things I find remotely appealing about myself sometimes so thanks for the compliments on that because that’s probably like my personal top physical feature. Thank you again. That’s really all I can say. Thank you for reading and supporting me!

 Preference #463

One of the boys catches him fingering you.

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Harry: With the lights off and everyone focused on the movie that played, Harry had assumed that no one would notice if he played with you a little. “Lets see how good you can control yourself.” He kissed your cheek, pulling your body closer to him where you both lay spooning on the sofa, a blanket covering your lower half. You squirmed a little as his fingers tugged at your sensitive skin, moving lower to dip inside you, one at a time until he’d worked his way up to three fingers. You let out a soft moan and Harry chuckled, shushing you from behind, increasing his pace so that you were closer, your bottom lip caught tightly between your teeth, your hand gripping the blanket so that your knuckles turned white. You were so close, interrupted by Harry pulling out quickly, a pillow smacking him in the face. Out of breath and embarrassed of being caught, you looked up only to find Zayn looking at the two of you, shaking his head with a laugh.

Louis: You’d assumed you’d be alone in the pool for the night, the rest of your guests littering the house, chattering over snacks and movies. You’d insisted on a late night swim, practically having to beg Louis to join you. “Looks like we’re alone.” He mumbled, glancing to the house again to be sure that no one was watching from a window, the place completely quiet in the night. Giggling, you wrapped your legs around him, Louis walking to the edge of the pool with his mouth pressed to yours. “I’ve missed you.” You commented, Louis having been so busy lately that you’d barely had time to see each other. You gasped as he expressed the reciprocated feelings, stating them and moving your bottoms to the side, sliding a finger inside of you. “I’ve really missed you.” You moaned, admitting your wanting of his touch, until a noise interrupted you, Niall leading the party from the house, slashing water as he cannonballed into the pool, cackling as he rose above the water again, exclaiming as the rest of the party joined him, “Sorry to interrupt your rendezvous but Niall’s here!”

Niall: Niall had turned his phone off for the day, wanting to dedicate his time to being with you, your afternoon turning sexual within moments. Niall had you on the bed, warming you up a little with kisses and his mouth on you in the most erotic way possible. With his lips on yours he slid your panties to the side, allowing a digit inside of you, grinning at how wet you already were. “Niall, why won’t you answer your damn phone?” Liam’s voice boomed through the hotel room until he’d made his way down to your bedroom, swinging the door open without knocking. Niall had pulled himself away before Louis could see too much but it had been obvious what was going on. After all, what other explanation could you have for such beet red faces and a soaked finger.

Liam: You sat at the table, taking the first bite of your food, moaning at the taste? No, moaning as Liam’s fingers moved against you, rubbing, sliding in and out at a torturous pace. Liam smirked knowingly next to you at your slip up, his phone buzzing on the table with a text message. He stilled as he read over the text, stopping abruptly, keeping his hands to himself and to his food for the remainder of the night, rendering you wet and unsatisfied until you’d left the restaurant, allowing you to read the message that had brought your small rendezvous to a close, Louis’ name at the top of the screen with a message that followed. Tsk, tsk. Don’t you think it’s weird that your hand has been under the table for so long. Naughty, naughty. ;)

Zayn: You couldn’t believe what was happening. The house party you were at was completely crowded, flashing lights only keeping the dim living room lit where people danced all around. You danced against Zayn, lost in the sound of music as her gripped your hips, pulling you closer to him, one hand snaking around your waist, keeping you in place. Alcohol tinted his breath, wet, sloppy kisses planted to your neck, the people around you completely oblivious to the hot and heavy encounter that was taking place on the dance floor. Zayn’s hand trailed to the front of your thigh, tugging a little at the hem of your loose shorts, easily lifting and fitting into the leg. “Shh.” He laughed drunkenly, you giggling in return, turning your head to the side so that he could see the look of pleasure on your face, a moan slipping from his lips as soon as his finger slipped. He continued, both of you continuing to dance while he fingered you, daring and uncaring to the world around you. That was, until the sound of a bottle falling to the ground caught your attention, Harry stammering an apology before he walked away, embarrassed to have caught you in such a promiscuous position but knowing that it wasn’t his fault since you were acting in public.

 Preference #462

You walk in on him jacking off.

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Harry: Your hand cupped over your mouth as you slid a key into the door, a green light flashing to let you know you’d gained entrance to Harry’s hotel room. You’d been wanting to surprise him for weeks while he was on tour, walking to his bedroom quietly, Harry jumping as you yelled. “Surprise!” You ran over to the bed, only to find the covers laid over him, an obvious erection showing through the thin fabric. The box of tissues on the nightstand gave him away. That, and the look on his face when you looked down, putting together that you’d caught him in the middle of masturbating. He blushed a little, only for you to pull his lips to yours, whispering against his mouth. “Well surprise surprise.”

Louis: You only chuckled as you walked into the room, shaking your head as Louis smiled at you. “Welcome home.” He smiled, moving his hand up and down his length. You shook your head, peeling off the dress you’d worn to work slowly, letting it pool to the floor at your ankles. Louis’ eyes racked your body, his lip caught in his teeth as he moved faster, pumping himself while you took off your clothes. You turned around, hooking your fingers in the band of your panties, bending over as you pulled them to the floor, stepping away from them and turning back around. “Fuck.” The word fell from Louis’ lips, slowly while you reached for the front clasp of your bra, teasing him a little before, tossing it to the side, revealing yourself fully to him, his self-imposed pleasure along with your little visual aid sending him into his climax.

Niall: “Come on out Niall! You’re going to turn into a prune in there!” You called into the bathroom, Niall laughing in response. “I’ll be out in a few minutes.” He replied. Impatient and already late for the dinner you were both supposed to be attending, you stripped down and headed for the shower, only to open the steam-covered door, revealing Niall stroking himself quickly, one of his palms resting against the shower wall, keeping himself balanced. “Oh, come on. You aren’t even taking a shower.” You shook your head. “And you’re using up all the hot water.” You added, climbing in with him, something that he wouldn’t forget as he hadn’t had to finish himself. You were already late, what more harm could a few more minutes do?

Liam: You hadn’t been seeing Liam for long and you definitely hadn’t reached the point of full intimacy when you walked in on him. You’d been gone for ten minutes when you realized you’d left your jacket behind at his house, rambling without first knocking about how you’d managed to leave it draped right across the couch, in plain sight. Not only was your jacket there but so was Liam, leaning back on the couch with his hand roughly jerking himself. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry.” You exclaimed, covering your eyes by instinct. Liam stood though that only gave you sight of his hard-on, your eyes half covered as you went to grab your coat, leaving with more apologies and Liam thoroughly embarrassed over the incident.

Zayn: “Zayn how about coming out of there and so we can spend—“ You stopping in your tracks when you caught sight of Zayn, his legs stretched out in front of him, hand moving up and down his length slowly as his eyes met yours. “Well, I can see you’re quite busy so maybe we can spend some time together later.” You smirked, raising a brow at him. “No, let’s spend some time together now. Come on over here.” His free hand motioned you over, his lip catching under his teeth and a moan slipping from his mouth as you sauntered over to him, willing and eager to help him with what was keeping him from you in the first place.

Blurb where harry fingers you in a cinema? Thankyouu
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"This is a crap movie." Harry chuckled into your ear, leaning closer to you, his actions hidden in the dark theater. Long fingers skirted over your thigh, absentmindedly moving along the smooth skin on the inside, resuming watching the movie for the moment. Knowing of the desire that built up inside of you with the more his touch progressed, he leaned over, smirking against your cheek, planting a kiss there while you squirmed a little in your seat. He tugged at the button of your pants until it opened, jerking the zipper roughly. You flushed at the thought of someone seeing you or knowing as Harry pushed his hand into your panties, delighting in how you ached for him. He relished in teasing you, in you touching you in the dark, quiet cinema, two fingers keeping you on the brink at all times, having your chest heaving, heavy breathing in an attempt to silence the moans that threatened to spill from your lips, anxious and filled with pleasure-driven adrenaline that made gave your movie night a bit of an exciting edge.

4 years.

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fuck being tagged, lets just look at my face together.

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Alrighty guys, I’m back home and requests are officially closed! Thank you for all your requests. I’m working now to update my list with all the final requests and things. <333

what age are you if you don't mind me asking?
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I’m 20. :)