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All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3

All requests are now closed! Thank you for all your requests and support with my writing. <3


I'm unsure of what's so great about me or what to say about myself but hello there. If you're looking for a decent read browse my links and if you're looking for someone to talk to, shoot me a message.


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Where you been girl? Missing you💕
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I miss you too, whoever you may be anon! Seriously, I’ve been so busy and I know I say that all the time but that doesn’t make it any less true. I really do love you guys so much and I’m so sorry for not being around as much. Sometimes it just becomes a tinge difficult trying to balance everything and I struggle with that a lot. 

But, just in case you haven’t been keeping up with me on Instagram (which is where people tend to keep up with my actual life), I’m at an actual university now and living in an apartment. It’s been a big adjustment and I’m working on just getting settled in and used to everything right now. I will do my best to post a little more because I am very aware that I’m highly slacking and I absolutely hate disappointing you all. <333

Oh yeah, and I got my tickets to see 1D so there’s that news! I’ll be at the show in Charlotte, NC on September 28th (but I shall be staying in Charlotte the day/night of the 27th as well). The show’s like two days after my birthday so I’m really insanely excited! Perhaps I’ll get the chance to see a follower or two during that time. :)

 Preference #467

He comes home drunk and admits how many times he’s cheated on you. 

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Harry: You found Harry with his hands tugging at his hair, his breath stained with the smell of alcohol, mumbling to himself as he sat on the edge of the bed. “Harry, you okay? I thought you were staying at your mom’s this weekend.” Your brow furrowed at how quickly he’d returned to your home, and drunk at that. “I am, I mean I’m supposed to be but I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m so sorry.” He pressed his face into his hands. “What’s wrong?” You asked, squatting in front of him and taking his hands. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to babe. She was just there and I don’t even know how we ended up in bed. It was just one time. I’m sorry.” He admitted, reaching for you but you’d pulled away by then, shaking your head, unknowing of what to do. Harry stood, wobbly, trying to touch you, to apologize but you couldn’t think, all of your energy being put into holding back your tears at Harry’s revelation. “I need you to sleep on the couch tonight.” You shook your head, hanging low as you held out a pillow to him. “I need to think. We’ll talk in the morning.”

Louis: Louis had barely touched you all night. Then again he was drunk and barely able to stand on his own. Still, he moved away from you, curling up at the edge of the bed, seeming to want nothing more than to be away from you. “Something happened tonight.” He finally admitted, shying away from you even further when your head snapped up. “What happened?” You questioned, raising your brow, encouraging him to answer you. “There was this girl and we were dancing.” His head dropped, ashamed of himself. “Louis, what did you do?” You asked, already approaching him though he was preparing for the worst. “We kissed, that was all.” He still sounded completely ashamed of himself, hurling as soon as the words left his mouth, having to rush to the bathroom, leaving you and himself in an utter mess.

Niall: They say that a drunk man never lies, the main reason why you’d believed every word that came from Niall when he’d been drinking, including the first time he said he loved you and now. He always spoke quickly, forcing you to focus to hear through his slurred voice, his accent heavier and dripping with the smell of pure liquor. “I never cheated on you.” He admitted just after he’d asked you the same question, sighing in relief when you told him that you had always been faithful to him. “Except a couple of times.” You waited, trying to make sure you’d heard him correctly, standing without a second thought about it, walking out the door for some time at the least.

Liam: Liam laughed as he spoke, completely out of his mind. “I don’t even remember half of them. I just like woke up naked and was like whoa I messed up but I kept on doing it because it made me stop thinking about you and they were there—“ You cut him off before he could say anymore, yelling his name as tears began to pour down your cheeks, swiping them away quickly with the backs of your hands. “Man babe don’t cry.” He leaned over sloppily, groaning when you pushed his head from your shoulder. “I shouldn’t have said that. I mean, we’re drunk and we’ll forget all about this in the morning right?” He shrugged, trying to convince the both of you. You only nodded though you hadn’t had a drop, waiting until the next morning, leaving Liam passed out on the bed with nothing but the vague memory of his heartbreaking confession.

Zayn: Zayn had stumbled into the house at nearly four in the morning, Louis laughing as he left him with you, having to carry him to bed holding his entire weight. You removed his clothes, bulky boots and his coat, tossing them to the floor as he babbled on. “Girls always hit on me when I go places.” He slurred, his eyes heavy. “I mean, do you know how many times I could have cheated on you.” He continued, causing you to roll your eyes. “Okay Zayn, it’s time for bed.” Your voice held an authority to which he laughed at, his hand reaching out to slap your bum as you walked to the other side of the bed. “And guess how many times I’ve cheated on you, just guess.” Your mouth held a tight line, wishing he would just go to sleep before he said something to upset you further. He held up his hand, forming a small circle that he held in the air. “This many times.” He pointed out the shape of a zero, a sigh of relief leaving your lungs before you allowed yourself to rest.


a photoset of zayn and mac & cheese

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Okay, so I just saw that requests are open :D so could you like, write a blurb or preference, which ever you want (but if it's a blurb write it w/ Niall pls) about how you're dating him and you have to interview him and the band, like either on a TV show or on the radio (idk I just love your writing )
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"Okay guys, lets try to act professional for a few minutes." You laughed, brushing a piece of your hair out of the way before the cameraman counted down from three, all five of the One Direction boys straightening up, a smile on each of their faces. "Good morning viewers, (Y/N) here with the world’s biggest boyfriend One Direction. No need for introductions here but just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past four years, I give you Liam, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall." You smiled, each of them nodding to you and the camera before you proceeded with your interview. "So boys, let’s look about five years down the line. Where do you see yourselves and this band." You posed, the five of them taking a few minutes before speaking up, pondering their reply. Liam spoke first, looking to all the other boys for approval in his answer. "We hope to still be making music. We can’t imagine the day this will all stop. It’s been so fast but maybe by then we’ll be ready to settle down, have wives and children of our own. Who knows? We’re not one for predicting the future. We like to take it just a day at the time as you know." He grinned, each of them answering their own questions, though they slipped up a few times with how casual and relaxed they were with you, Niall even calling you babe and baby a few times on camera, leaving you both blushing and the world awing at the pair of you.

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 Preference #466

He asks you to stay the morning after a one night stand.

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Harry: A heavy arm laid across your chest, Harry’s breathing heavy in your ear as the sun shone into the room. Trying to be gentle, you slid his arm, moving it inch by inch from covering you. Harry groaned in his sleep, reaching out to grab you again, pulling you closer against his chest. You barely heard the words as they dripped with exhaustion and the need for company, for companionship. “Don’t go.” Harry kept you close, refusing to let go, at least for the morning after.

Louis: You found yourself alone in the bed, thankful that you wouldn’t have to face the guy you’d slept with last night. Sure to be quiet, you listened for a running shower, assuming that he was taking a bath when you heard nothing. Slipping into your clothes and grabbing your heels from the floor, you tiptoed out of the bedroom, flinching when a voice surprised you. “There you are.” Louis smiled, pants hanging low on his hips. Walking barefoot to the table where he sat down a couple of plates, both filled with piping hot food. He was casual as he laughed, pulling out a chair. “I know you’re not pulling the sneak out on me. At least stay and have breakfast.”

Niall: Niall seemed completely distraught when you woke, rushing around the room with only one sock on, hopping into his pants on one leg. “Shit shit shit.” He cursed repeatedly, glancing at the watch on his wrist, noting the time. You kept the sheet around yourself, beginning to put on your clothes as well, glancing in the mirror at your smeared makeup, walking swiftly to the bathroom for a quick face wash. When you came back out Niall was stuffing his wallet into his pocket, groaning as someone knocked on the door. “I’m coming!” He called, freezing when you walked back out, reaching for your bag that sat in a chair. “Where are you going?” He questioned. “Home.” You replied quickly, a small smile on your face as you tried reaching around him, his arm stopping you from moving. “No no no.” He was nearly frantic. “Just stay here. I’ve got a rehearsals and a show in a little while but just wait for me here. Order takeout or something but just stay please. I want to see you again.” He moved you to the bed so you sat in place, kissing you once and leaving you dumbfounded, spending the morning and day in a hotel room, waiting on a guy who you though would be just one night.

Liam: You pinched at the bridge of your nose, the light of the room blinding you, forcing you back under the covers. “Good morning.” A voice greeted you, the guy you’d slept with the previous night holding out a bottle glass of orange juice to which you pushed away, gagging at the thought of tasting anything else. “Morning, bottle of water will do if you have it. I should take it to go.” You moved from the bed, using the sheets to cover yourself as you gathered your clothes, all scattered across the room, your underwear draped across the lamp shade. Blushing, you dressed yourself, until Liam spoke again, now with a glass of water and a couple of pain killers. “Just stay, at least until you feel better and I know your name.” He flushed at the idea that he hadn’t even been able to remember that piece of information from the night before, but ready and willing to keep your company and learn.

Zayn: You rolled over, your breathing steadying just as Zayn’s was, completely prepared to slip back into your dress and shoes and head out for the night. You sat up, pulling your hair over one side of your shoulder as you stood, gathering your clothes from the small pile by the bed. “Would you mind calling me a cab?” You asked, standing and slipping on your underwear. Before you knew it you felt two arms string around you, pulling you back until he’d nearly thrown you onto the bed, puckered lips pressing to your skin, a glint of mischief in Zayn’s eyes. “Who says we’re done? The way I see it, you’ll be here at least until morning.” He tugged at the string of your panties, flimsy and snapping between his fingers. 

Hi! I love your blog and your writing! Just need some advice. I'm 16 and I've never been in a relationship like at all. As embarrassing as it sounds Ive never kissed anyone either. Lots of girls in my town get around a lot and I'm not saying that's what I want but it would be nice to have one of those high school romances. Basically what I'm saying is how do I ignore the fact that I really really want a boyfriend? Cause I dont see it happening soon and I have really strong cravings... thanks! xx
❤ Anonymous

Thanks so much sweetheart! As far as advice, I’m afraid this may suck at least slightly because I don’t think there is a way to suppress that desire and want to be in a relationship. At your age and even at mine I think there’s always going to be that yearning for companionship and for love in the long run. It’s just best to go in with the mindset that things will happen for you when they’re meant to. Believe me, I had my first kiss when I was 16 and what I counted as my first relationship then. Back then I even thought I was in love. It wasn’t until I really fell in love with someone that I realized that what I had back then was nothing compared to the love that a person can feel for another. I’m totally ranting now but just keep in mind that what’s meant to be, will be, whether that means you get a boyfriend tomorrow or in a few more years. I could rant some more about young relationships and other things related to your situation but I’ll keep it at that. Hope I helped a little or gave the slightest insight. :)

hi :) im a preference blog as well and i was wondering, how do you make a page specifically for preferences like you have? thank you :)
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Hi lovely, I hope this will suffice. I made a tutorial on it a while ago so I’m going to link you to that. I hope it helps and if not then just message me again and let me know what else I can do for you. Here it is!

 Preference #465

You’re oblivious to one of the other boys being in love with you while you’re dating.

Link to all preferences.

Harry: You’d been best friends with Niall long before you met Harry, actually having been the one to introduce you two. No one had expected that you’d start dating the curly-headed lad, falling in love sooner than you would could ever imagined. You had never allowed the thought to cross your mind before, keeping your friendship with Niall strictly platonic over the years, yet Harry had taken notice of it the moment you’d first started dating. “I mean, I don’t know if I can really blame him because you are the closest thing to perfect I know. Maybe I’ll have a talk with him about it. I just don’t want him taking you being nice as permission to make a move or something.” Harry shook his head, going over the same conversation you’d had over and over again. You’d refused to believe that Niall thought of you that way. After all, you’d been friends for years and he’d never tried anything. “Don’t do that. It’ll just make things weird whether it’s true or not. Plus, I know it’s not true. Niall’s my best friend Harry and even if he felt something else, I don’t.”

Louis: “Babe, could you do something for me?” You asked, sitting cross-legged on the bed, brushing through your wet hair with your fingers, tugging at the slightly tangled pieces. “Anything.” Louis answered, heading over to the bed himself, lying down immediately. “Talk to Zayn for me? All of the guys talk to me except for him and we used to be really close. I kinda feel like he doesn’t like me anymore.” You requested, Louis sitting up at your words. “Anything but that.” He shook his head, sighing. “Why not?” You prompted, turning towards him more. “You’re so oblivious. Believe me, Zayn likes you alright.” He mumbled, trying to ignore you when you urged him to elaborate. “He won’t talk to you because he likes you, as more than a friend I guess. He practically loves you so he’s keeping his distance. I told him to handle his fucking feelings so I guess he has.” You shook your head at Louis. “So I just get to lose a friend in the process.” You wondered aloud. “Maybe, but he’ll get over it. He has to because you’re my girl and he’s my best friend.”

Niall: Louis had been pacing around the room for ten minutes, mumbling to himself so that you couldn’t hear. When you’d invited him over you hadn’t expected him to be so frantic. “Lou, just say what you need to. I’ve got dinner with Niall so I should be getting ready soon. You can stay but what is it you need to talk about?” You approached your friend, Louis walking away and shaking his head. “That’s the whole point.” He muttered. “I mean, can you not even see it?” He stopped, facing you for the first time since he’d been there. “See what?” You asked, but not before Louis had walked over to you with no chance to stop anything before his lips were pressed firmly against yours. He pulled away, shock showing in your eyes and adoration in his. “I love you.” He spoke confidently, as though they were the truest words that had ever graced his lips. “I can’t believe you never realized it. I love you. Niall’s going to tell you he loves you tonight. He told me and the guys about a week ago about this dinner but I couldn’t let you go in there not knowing how I felt about you.” He sighed, leaving you without another word, just with conflicting emotions and a racing heart.

Liam: Liam hadn’t even noticed that there was something more behind Harry’s eyes, that he was completely entranced with you from the moment you’d met. You’d been oblivious to the fact until one late night while Liam was away, a knock on your door startling you. With Liam away visiting with friends and family, you hadn’t expected many guests, especially at this time, though when you looked through the peephole of the door, Harry stood on the other side, his hair sloppy, a grin on his pink lips. “Harry, what are you doing here?” You asked as soon as he’d come inside, plopping down on the couch. “I just really needed someone to talk to and you were the only person who I could think of that might listen so I ended up here.” He walked to the kitchen, grabbing a couple of beers for the both of you. You nodded, taking a seat on the couch next to him, both of you sipping at your drinks while he talked about a girl like he never had before, seemingly in love you could say. “So, what do you do when you really really like a girl who already has a boyfriend?” He asked, a question that didn’t seem as though it would have much of an effect on you. You shrugged. “It depends on how much you like her I guess and on what her relationship’s like. I don’t really believe in home wrecking but if she were to lose something temporary for that once in a lifetime, forever type of love, maybe you should tell her.” You answered, Harry’s reply rolling off his tongue like an instinct, a shocking, unbelievable comment he’d meant to keep to himself. “Liam would kill me if I did that.”

Zayn: “Did you see the way he was looking at you? Ogling over you like you’re his to…ogle over. He’s supposed to be my best friend and he’s completely in love with you.” Zayn muttered, pulling at his tie roughly, undoing the first couple of buttons of his shirt, nearly snapping them between harsh fingers. “Who?” You asked, grabbing his hands, lowering them as you undid his tie easily, his nose flared, letting you know that he was beyond mad. “You know who. Don’t tell me you don’t see the way Liam looks at you.” He rolled his eyes. You let out a laugh, surprised and unable to believe what he was saying. “Liam, doesn’t like me. He’s just friendly.” You tried to assure Zayn though he saw right through Liam. “No, he loves you. I swear I thought he was about to grab your ass when you hugged him goodbye. I would’ve-” He rambled on about the situation, bringing up new thoughts to you as you’d never questioned Liam’s friendship as being something more to him. “Hey, it doesn’t matter. Even if he does, I’m with you. I’ll always be with you.” Your lips dragged along his jaw, pecking the smooth skin where he’d just shaved. “Calm down and maybe you can talk to him about it, tomorrow and calmly.”

Alexis tell me what you love about yourself. See yourself from someone's else's point of view & talk about the things you admire about yourself: your looks your personality, your dreams & talents. All of it. And don't feel like you're being conceited or full or yourself. Sometimes we need to just say the things we love about ourselves. We deserve to love ourselves. So go on and tell us what you love.
❤ Anonymous

You used my full name which made me think that shit is serious. Hehe. I like my eyebrows. I like my mouth 85% of the time. Some people would say that I’m a bit selfish and sometimes victimizing but I sometimes have to disagree because I like that I really care about others, even too much sometimes. I like the kind of friend I am, like sometimes with my really good friends I’ll just send a really heartfelt note out and I can’t lie, I’m a pretty awesome gift-giver. This is getting kinda long so I’m gonna go ahead and cut it off. Thank you for making me think that perhaps I am a decent person.

can you do a Niall imagine where you give him a blowjob while he's driving? :)
❤ Anonymous

Niall’s hands gripped the steering wheel, his breathing slow and steady, trying to maintain an ounce of control as you took him into your mouth, sucking deliberately slowly. A deep moan slipped from his lips as you took him a little deeper hollowing your cheeks, causing him to swerve slightly off the road. You paused momentarily, questioning your idea to make the trip back home a little more interesting, Niall holding up a finger to you. You raised your head as the car came to a halt, seeing that you’d been stopped at a light, a few other cars sitting around you at the intersection. “Now, let’s see how quick you really are with that mouth.” Niall’s tone was playful yet a little dangerous as he gripped your hair, lowering your lips to him again for you to finish him off in the time it would take for a single light to change.

Okay guys, everything’s settling down a little now (at least for the moment). The baby’s moved in and we’re all adjusting and everything. Writings will be coming tomorrow and so forth. Thank you for all your patience. <333

Do you know any good preference blogs?
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I haven’t done much reading as of late but check this blog out for some preferences and things. She’s a follower of mine who started back up writing recently and she’s wonderful. 

God I didn't even know your mom was pregnant!!! I'm not sure if she knows you have a tumblr, but if she does, tell her I said good luck and congratulations!!! Love you lexi!!
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Yeah, she was! I told her that one of the followers from my blog says congrats and she sends her thanks to everyone! Love you too! :)